Artist especially focuses on Fantasy illustration, based in Kyoto, Japan.

His has been depicting his own fantasy world and the characters who live in the world.






She depicts sexy and attractive people using digital medium and watercolor paints.




Satomi Amano


Illustrator currently based in Tokyo. Mostly worked on Game industry.

She graduated Academy of Art University in San Francisco, US,

and has been exhibiting her art worldwide.






Her main theme of her illustrations is “The children do not want to be adults, and the adults do want to back to children.”




Hall5A - C156




7/5・7/7  CREATORS





She  publishes  cute  and  expressive  girls.

She  always  wants  people  to  enjoy  her  brilliant  illustrations  that  depicts  various  scenes  of  girls.





Illustrator, comic artist, and DTP(DeskTop Publishing) designer.

She also teaches at University.

She designs many brands with her variety of ideas and illustration skill.

Currently developing Sumie (Chinese ink painting) skill, and publishing ‘Sumie comics’ and ‘Sumie illustrations’.




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