ku-kan kingyo

Hidetoshi Minamata


Game graphic artist.

He uses Kingyo (Goldfish in Japanese) to depict ‘joy’.

He also worked as chief background artist in “Mega Man9, 10”.






She  creates  fantastic  world  that  is  close  to  daily  life,  and  the  motifs  are  children,  birds,  animals  and  flowers.

Her  concentration  is  to  depict  warm  atmosphere  created  by  gentleness  of  watercolor  paintings.




Ai Matsuura


Mainly uses oil and acrylic paints, depicting nostalgic illustration which is

like childhood memories.






Popup card artist, professional color coordinator.

He has created and sold more than 10 thousand art by hand.

This is his first time to publish in France.




Hall5A - C156




7/6・7/8  CREATORS





Planner of ‘team ITTOH (一刀)’, its concept is ‘To publish Fantasy art based in Japan”.





She creates artworks of the mixture of Japanese and Western culture.







Haruji coco


She mainly creates her artworks with digital medium and Gansai (Japanese traditional paints).

She also prefers to bring Japanese cultural motifs into her artworks.




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